Member Hospital Network

How it Works

We are excited to partner with local veterinarians to bring top quality care to their patients, as well as provide educational resources to their teams!
When we treat patients who do not have primary care DVMs (pcDVM), we will recommend providers in our Member Hospital Network (MHN).
In order to join, North Springs Veterinary Referral Center must be the primary emergency and specialty hospital you advertise online, in-print, over the phone, and in-person.

Benefits for Providers

  • Direct contact with Dr. Ganzer, CEO, and extra effort taken to communicate in manner requested.
  • Access to continuing education & specialty consultations.
  • Member Hospitals receive an eNewsletter with hospital updates and CE information.
  • Opportunity to be featured as our Member Hospital of the Month in our eNewsletter and social media channels to help lift up our local veterinarians.
  • Featured Member Hospitals will also receive a gift basket for their team to enjoy.

Benefits for Clients

  • Clients receive 30% off the exam fee and 10% discount on all other services.
  • Complimentary treatment of vaccine reactions for any vaccine given by any Member Hospital.
  • There will be an option for overnight post surgical care/hospitalization with a flat rate for the Member Hospitals to offer clients if a pet needs extra monitoring after a procedure at the GP’s office.
  • Post surgical transfer care includes:
    • Complimentary examination
    • Hospitalization for 14 hours (5pm – 8am MT)
    • Fluids
    • PCV/TS/Lytes/BG once overnight
    • Pain management
    • Antibiotic injections
    • GI protectants/other miscellaneous medications

Join the Member Hospital Network

While North Springs VRC will accept any patient to provide emergency and specialty care, we also partner with local veterinarians to offer unique benefits to their clients and staff.

Fill out our contact form to learn more about how to join our Network and the benefits that Member Hospitals can receive, or email our team at

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