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Opening Summer 2023!

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Our Story

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North Springs Veterinary Referral Center is a locally owned 24-hour emergency and specialty center located in Colorado Springs.

Our goal is to provide top-quality, innovative emergency and specialty veterinary care services to pet owners with empathy and transparency.

In 2021, our founding team realized that the existing emergency veterinary practices in the Colorado Springs area consistently had wait times of 3 – 6+ hours, even turning clients away. In addition, these high patient loads were overwhelming the veterinary staff and causing high rates of burn-out. Given that most clients visit the emergency room on their worst days, both pets and owners experience high levels of stress and frustration.

What differentiates North Springs VRC is our commitment to providing the highest quality client experience from start to finish. Our goal is to provide excellent emergency and specialty care for our patients, exceptional service to our clients, and unprecedented support of our employees.

We look forward to supporting our community at 10520 White Diamond Point Colorado Springs, CO at the corner of Federal Drive and White Diamond Point!


We will have an open door policy for our employees, an open book policy for our business, and an open clinic policy for our clients.


We will stand for what is right, even when it is hard, authentically care about people, and will acknowledge when we make mistakes.


Each and every team member’s contribution is part of the whole. Every idea, suggestion, and how they are treated is equal, creating unity throughout the hospital.

Our Core Values

These seven core values shape our company goals and the way we connect with our clients, patients, partners, and employees.


We believe that it is our obligation to give back to our community by contributing to local animal missions and partnering with local non-profit initiatives.


We will be the voice that our patients do not have, translating their needs as well as the needs of our clients into the best care and medical recommendations.


We will have an open door policy for our employees, an open book policy for our business, and an open clinic policy for our clients.


We will nurture a positive company culture where employees want to stay. This will create continuity in our hospital passing positivity to our clients and patients.

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Member Hospital Network

North Springs VRC is excited to be partnering with local veterinarians to bring top quality care to their patients, as well as provide educational resources to their teams.

veterinarian healing animal
veterinarian healing animal

People Make the Difference

Join a company that prioritizes your work/life balance and supports opportunities for growth. We are looking to hire ER Vets, Client Service Reps, Technicians, Assistants, and Specialists!

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